SocialOomph – Twitter Productivity Tool

SocialOomphWith SocialOomph you can schedule tweets across all your Twitter accounts, send DMs to all your followers., and vastly improve your productivity on Twitter. It helps you to easily manage multiple Twitter accounts on one single page with your own TweetCockpit, avoiding the need to switch windows and log in and log out of multiple Twitter accounts.

SocialOomph can also automate your social marketing on Twitter – you just plan it, set it, and forget it. You can find out more and sign up for free at Social Oomph.

It is a fantastic tool to use with Twitter, but how can scheduling tweets, for instance, be of use to you? Well you need to remember that the Twitter audience is constantly changing and the tweetstream occurs quite fast. The more people someone follows, the greater the number of tweets appearing and they won’t read them all, I promise you. It just isn’t possible.

By using SocialOomph, you have a much greater chance of catching people’s attention throughout the day and in different time zones. Let’s say you have written a post on your blog and you want to drive some traffic there. Rather than tweeting the link and subject once, you can do it daily for a week, at a different time each day. I’m sure you can see the power of this in terms of driving traffic or getting noticed.

There is a free and a professional version. Start out with the free version and then if you need it, upgrade to the professional version when you are ready.

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