Where and How to Buy Sponsored Tweets

polls_sponsored_twitter_3428_412408_poll_xlargeWhen you send a relevant tweet with #ad hashtag, it can make some money out of it. For the people who do not use Twitter, they see twitter as a waste of time. But those people who regularly use and love twitter, they know how invaluable source twitter is. We use twitter to post new jobs and find new employees, to locate article resources, and for gathering useful information on a variety of topics.

You can use twitter in a variety of ways for your business and personal success. An advertising platform connects tweeters with companies. You just need to write a quality tweet by following the simple guidelines by advertisers and the rest of the work will be handled by the advertisers themselves. They can even tweet for you if you want. They choose twitter followers based on a couple of factors like the number of your followers and how much influence you have with them.

You can choose the services of sellers in the advertisement companies by considering their niche and number of followers. You need to just pay according to your requirements and you get not only significant traffic to your site but also more twitter followers too in your twitter profile.

If you do want to make paid ads on twitter and want to know that “where and how to buy sponsored tweets”, then go through this post. It will help you to understand the best-sponsored tweet providing sites where you can buy twitter ads and get the best ROI.

1) Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace which offers tasks and services to the global world of buyers and sellers. It is primarily used by freelancers. These freelancers serve their global customers by offering them custom services through posting their Gigs and offers. Fiverr provides all kinds of online services which a user wants to get. The services listed on Fiverr are about $5, however, in Gig extras, freelancers provide more services with some high costs and also they can provide custom offer based on user requirements. In general, we can say that Fiverr is a $5 marketplace.

From the numerous services listed in different categories, one of the top selling services is Sponsored Tweets.  Here, you can get service from a number of sellers from three categories named as High rated, Recommended for you and New gigs. You can choose as per your requirements and get your tweets posted to their thousand of follower’s accounts. You can also buy new long lasting followers for your twitter account. It is the best place to increase your online presence for $5.

2) SEOClerks

SEOClerks is the micro job website which connects buyers and sellers from all over the world. SEOClerks is the best competitor of Fiverr, but the main difference between these two sites is, not every service in SEOClerks is listed for $5. Some listings are even cheaper than Fiverr, and some cost more.

SEOClerks is the global marketplace which provides most of every service a user can get online. One of its best-rated features is Sponsored Tweets, in which you can find a number of sellers offering the sponsored tweet services. They let you tweet on their twitter accounts to increase your span of targeted audience for promoting your website or product. Here, you can get the service from $1 to $5 and you get your message posted to their thousands of followers accounts. No worry if you do not have followers in your own Twitter profile, you can also buy genuine twitter followers here. Get the service from one or more of these sellers and let your business grow drastically.

3) Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets” is the best ad network to start with your Ad networking campaign. You can buy celebrity tweets also with this popular and world’s largest twitter advertising network. It will allow your partners to create the tweet which tells about your product/ website and get the approval of you before sending to their thousands of followers.

Unlike most of its competitors, Sponsored Tweets not charging for CPC. It simply charges for the tweet sent to the particular tweeter’s followers. This makes the result unpredictable and makes the advertisers cross check their followers match to your niche and maximizes the result of your marketing. You can wisely choose your keywords, boost your twitter influence, and improve your twitter follower activation rate using Sponsored Tweets.

4) BuySellAds

BuySellAds provides access to activation of the most relevant audiences presented online. It is a banner advertising network for the websites which are content rich like blogs, online tools, and discussion forums. There are tons of publishers registered on BuySellAds who provides the service of Sponsored Tweets.

The ad network does not focus on the personal twitter accounts like celebrities, rather it puts its focus on website owners and pretending a strong client base. So, here on BuySellAds you can see a specific niche of thousands of potential twitter partners having a specific website category. You can get excellent results by targeting your ads correctly on twitter using this niche specific ad network.

5) MyLikes

MyLikes claims as  the world’s largest and most popular social networking website.  There are more than 500,000 Twitter accounts are enrolled with MyLikes and they have overall over 3 million followers in their account. This means that if you get the service from MYLikes, you can boost your website traffic exceptionally.

MyLikes just not provides generic tweet ads but provides actual ads which let you pay only for the clicks made on your tweets means paying only for the traffic comes to your website. This site will help to create viral content that will drive monetized high-value traffic to your site. The patent pending technology helps to analyze more than 20 various factors regulate the price of every click in real-time. Go and check the interesting paid tweet process of MyLikes.

Hope you enjoyed the reading and liked the list of top sponsored tweet ad networks and understood “where and how to buy sponsored tweets”. Mention in the comment which tool would you like to use and how it helped in the growth of your business or your personal profile.

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