How To Increase Your Click-Through Rate On Twitter

increate ctr twiterTwitter is not just a micro-blogging platform anymore. Instead, what once was a place for everyday folks to give a description of their day has turned into a big business for businesses. Twitter is a social networking platform, and ad platform and a way to keep existing customers supplied with a fresh set of news about you or your company – as well as gain customers that you haven’t reached yet.

Twitter have recently made it easier than ever to get a hold of the value of twitter traffic – they have recently decided to open up their own analytics program, which you can get to through This gives you all the data you need to start monitoring, measuring and targeting your twitter work in order to gain clients. Amongst other things, you can see the click through rate of our tweets, the visibility of your tweets, the amount of views and retweets you’ll get, and the amount of followers you gain and (hopefully not) lose on a daily basis!

Click-through rate will probably be the most important aspect of this analytics dashboard if you have your own product or website. After all, there’s no point in getting a million viewers of your tweet if none of them are interested in your product or service. Click through rate is the rate at which those who see your tweet will click on the link within that tweet to go to your website, product or service.

Essentially, click through rate is the amount of people that take action on your offer. You want that number to be as high as possible, because it shows a good connection with your community, and ultimately, you’ll profit from it.

So the question you’re probably asking yourself is, “How do I increase my click through rate?”

that’s both easy and difficult at the same time. The first major step you need to take is by finding out what it is your followers want. Are they looking to buy something? Are they looking for information? Are they looking for entertainment?

Whatever the answer is, that’s what you need to give to your followers. If they are looking for entertainment, you can sell to them, but it has to be entertaining. Similarly, if they don’t know what product they want, then you can sell your product to them, but you need to convince them why you are superior first.

Then, you need to treat your tweets like a website – include pictures, information and video if you can; people need to be absorbed by your tweets – you can’t just post a naked link to your website and hope that you’ll get a good click through rate.

This is all you need to start. Mastering Twitter is tricky – because Twitter is like fast-paced marketing, and just as complex. But these steps will help you get started, and remember whenever it gets tough that if you return to the basic principle of giving people what they want, you’ll always do well on Twitter.

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