Top Twitter Automation Software to Increase Followers



This is a list of best twitter automation software to increase your followers on twitter.

1. SocialOomph

Are you looking to increase your twitter account’s productivity. Then you cannot find a better tool than SocialOomph. It saves your time and efforts by getting rid of manual processing of managing your Twitter account.

You can schedule your tweets as per your convenience and don’t have to worry about getting online at that time. You can track your keywords to manage your user engagements. Which can save and reuse the contents you want to post. You can purge your tweets and secure your twitter account access all at one place using SocialOomph.

You can also manage many twitter accounts (Up to 5) using this tool. Using premium features, you can filter twitter profiles to avoid spam. Have full control in the auto selection and defining limits in search results. So you can target quality rather than quantity. You can quickly review the profiles of people whom you want to follow. This tool will only show the search results which passes your search filters requirements. You can get started with a free plan or upgrade to premium service according to your needs.

For complete list of features visit: SocialOomph

2. HootSuite

If you do not want to miss a single chance of engaging people from different time zones to your time-sensitive tips, then you should use HootSuite. You can manage multiple twitter profiles from a single HootSuite account. You can track your campaigns so that you can analyze user behavior and engagement to your updates and enables you to build a strong campaign strategy to get most out of it.

You can schedule hundreds of tweets at once and then forget about its posting. This tool will automatically tweet your contents according to the schedule and thus helping you to save your efforts and time wasted in being on your twitter account for only a single line post. HootSuite also allows re-tweeting from multiple accounts without any manual actions.

If you are an online marketer and if you are not using HootSuite, then you are lacking something in your marketing plan. The list of twitter automation tools cannot be finished without mentioning about HootSuite, and this shows how popular this tool is.

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3. Tweepi

Manage and analyze your Twitter followers easily with Tweepi. It is a social media tool which allows you to extract and analyze your personal data from your twitter account.

There are three types of followers in twitter, First those are following you, Second those who are not following you and Third those who wish to follow you. Tweepi allows you to extract details of all three types of followers.

Using Tweepi, you can manage all your existing followers. You can banish inoperative followers, you can unfollow people who are inactive or if you wish to move out from their list. You can also manage multiple twitter accounts using Tweepi. You can build more connection and can increase your popularity by using this tool.

Tweepi is the best twitter automation tool to analyze the sociability and activity of your twitter followers.

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