Best Social Media Sites like Facebook

best-social-media-sites-like-facebookalternativesThe Web world has changed over the year with the immense growth of social networking sites. With the old sites getting shut down and the popular one trying to evolve themselves with the upcoming trends, social media has come to a point where no one remains to stick to one site for connecting to the world.

Most of us have their accounts on Facebook for connecting with friends, family, colleagues and promoting business. But, there has come a saturation point where people are looking for sites like Facebook to connect with the new audience. To help you connect the most popular social media sites like Facebook, we have roundup best sites to create an account and promote your business right way.

  1. Twitter: One of the most powerful real-time microblogging networks that has accounts of the influential people of the world. Twitter is the new online stage to break the news about world, events, gossips and launch of new product. When you are looking for social networks like Facebook, you need to have an account on This social media site has evolved and even criticized about same functions live Facebook, Twitters tweet has proved to be much stronger among people who do business online.


  1. LinkedIn: If you are a professional, business owner or newly graduated student looking for connections to make your career, then get yourself a LinkedIn account. With its unique design, anyone can create a professional profile with a detailed resume stating education, certificates, and experience in particular fields. It’s also a great platform for business owners to promote their business, hire professionals, and publish articles related to the company or individual.


  1. Instagram: It’s an online channel that is used by the celebrities to endorse fashion brands, connect with their fans or just be quirky in social media world. Instagram is an ultimate real-time photo and short video sharing website that attracted younger generation and fashion houses like a moth to a flame. The launch of the app was initially limited to iOS platform, but with its increasing popularity, it was made available for Android and Windows smartphone. In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram at a $1 billion which made it further prevalent for social media user.


  1. Snapchat: If you are looking for a Facebook alternative to get popular among your group then it’s time to download the Snapchat app. This fun messaging app allows the user to send pictures and videos to a person who will get self-destruct after few seconds from the time send. You can also do doodle a photo or video and share with the world or just your follower. If you are looking for sites like Facebook for adults, then Snapchat is highly recommended.


  1. YouTube: When you want to see a video, new or old, there is only one place you can find all this is the YouTube. Second most popular search engine after Google, YouTube is the most powerful social network to share and watch videos. From watching movies, songs, videos, news clipping, vlogs or small films, you can all on YouTube. With its latest downloading feature and YouTube Red, it became an instant hit among many social media lovers.


  1. Pinterest: Another Facebook alternative that has made its name in top most favorite social networking sites is the Pinterest. This platform promotes the visual content is the world that is followed by more than 10 million people and growing. If you want to search for a particular image, looking for latest fashion, then Pinterest is the right place for you. With the beautiful and natural pinboard-style, it has attracted many users.


  1. Google+: The last one that comes to the sites like Facebook for adults is Google+. Not an instant hit like other social media sites, Google+ took the time to get popular among the online world. Still many people use this to join communities and share stuff with like-minded You can easily promote your thoughts, business, product and services to millions of people with one click.

So if you ever get tired of using Facebook, with this article, you will know the best place to promote yourself or the business to people who are looking for new stuff online. Facebook is a social giant that offers different features to individual as per their taste and interest. With these upcoming social networking sites, you can try out something new, find something interesting and share it with other like-minded people. These sites are not only a great alternative to a traditional site like Facebook but also a current platform to grow connections, meet new people, set up a trend or promote business in the ever-changing online world.