How to Get 100 Followers on Instagram in One Day – Best Tactics

Nowadays, Instagram is one of the most used social networking sites in the world. As per one research, Instagram is having 600 million users and thus, got the 3rd highest position in the list of most popular social networking sites in the world. Facebook and YouTube are still on the 1st and 2nd place respectively.

How to Get 100 Followers on Instagram in One Day - Best Tactics

So this is one of the great platforms to market your brand. Here we are giving you 10 tips to get 100 Instagram followers in one day.

1) Be consistent:

You all know that regularity is the key to success. The brands or accounts that post in a constant flow on Instagram tend to get the best results. The more you will show the audience, the more they will be attracted towards your brand.

You should share at least 2-5 post per day. You can stretch your limit to the 12 pictures. This is an essential element to be on the top of the timeline most of the time. Be balanced and rock your account.

2) Use appropriate hashtags:

Getting 100 insta followers in a day is not a difficult task if you learn to use and load up quality hashtags. You can also use them to find different accounts, celebrities, brands, etc. which are not following you yet. The right hashtags can help you and your image to reach the vast and targeted audience.

You can use maximum 30 hashtags per post. Just make sure that your hashtags are something which the mass follow on Instagram.

3) Use social media platforms to promote your Instagram account:

If you have very active profiles on the other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, etc., you should tell/notify your existing fans or followers that you are on Instagram too. This can be done through cross promotion.

You can also attach your Instagram photos in your blog posts to grow followers. You can also add your Instagram feed to your Facebook page. Be more and more creative with Instagram marketing.

4) Follow for following back:

If you have a particular interest and want other people to follow you for the same, try to find all the related account and start following them. If you have a rich base and relevant images in your account, most of the people will follow you back.  

You will be surprised by knowing the Instagram limit. You can follow 7,500 people per day. Isn’t it great? Follow at least 50 users per hour. Repeat this process as often as possible.

5) Create a posting schedule:

The most important thing is posting at the right time. If you want to get 100 followers on Instagram in a day. If you feel that it doesn’t matter when you are posting an image, you are absolutely wrong. You will definitely suffer if you post images at the wrong time. So if you want to learn Instagram followers hack, you need to learn about the best posting schedule for your targeted audience.

People will engage with you when they actually able to see your content. A lot of users prefer to use social media during some specific hours of the day or night. It also depends upon who you have targeted. If you target those times, you will be able to boost the overall traffic of your account.

6) Instagram stories and live videos:

Instagram stories and live video chats are trending today. These also can be some good options to get 100 Insta followers in a day. Post 1 live video each day at the same time every day. Be consistent. Because of this, your fans and existing active followers will get to know ‘your’ schedule for video chats.

Apart from this, you should share at least 5 to 6 Instagram stories per day. This is the same strategy for creating interest and a buzz for the audience and motivate them to follow you.

7) Organize different contests:

This is the easiest way to attract mass followers on Instagram. Host various contests, like a photo content, best story contest, content related contest, etc. Create a hashtag and market it. You will get plenty of followers who are interested in this. Take some time, let the people follow you, and make a buzz too. After all these marketing hacks, declare the result. This will help you to get more followers each day.

8) Work on your captions:

Without any doubt, Instagram is a photo sharing app. But always try to use this platform to leverage the written word. Capture some best clicks, post photos with some amazing storytelling. Sometimes tales are better than the picture posts and can create a good impression. Moreover, this will help you to attract some philosophers or writers too, and even make you versatile in managing all such things together to attract all type of audience.

9) Don’t be random:

Post photos with the social cause or some current situation. Research shows that social contents grab more attention of people than the usual posts. Although, there is all kind of followers, audiences/masses. Try to maintain balance in all type of posts. Convince people and make them want to engage with you. Many of the times, mouth to mouth publicity also impact well. Ask your existing followers to refer your account and posts to their friends.

10) Try videos:

You can upload videos between 3-60 seconds in length on Instagram. Try to post videos twice a week for a change. Make a pattern and follow it. The video will create some excitement and audience may attract thinking what you are up to! In any social media platform, to do something new and creative is crucial to maintaining the interest of the people.

So, ready to rock?

We hope you will find these tactics useful and can get not only 100, but 1000 followers in a day. Have patience, try different marketing hacks, do creative posts, and always be regular. Go with the flow and steal the show.

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